This piece was inspired by a set of typical Portuguese tiles found in the Main Chapel of Santo António Church, in the city of Viana do Castelo, where I live. Usually, this type of motif was used by apprentices to practice the craft, but I remember hearing that the decoration of these tiles stands out for its delicacy. One of them, on the north side, alluding to Love, contrasts with the disrepair of the gilded altarpiece in the “Johannine Baroque” style due to decades of neglect. This tile is one of the icons of the city, nobody see it. The ruinous state of the building does not allow this patrimony to be accessible to the public.
Is this treasure recoverable? Will I ever be lucky enough to see it live and not in a bad quality photograph? How many such jewels are there, held together by a thread

Description: This work consists of nine stoneware tiles, in which the technique known as Kohiki slip is applied, hand-painted with the traditional cobalt oxide, glazed and linked together by a flexible metallic structure.
Dimensions (l x w x h): 44 x 5 x 78 cm.

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